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Misfortunes never come alone and so don’t the medical emergencies. We must always be prepared for them. A comprehensive health insurance plan protects you and your family from financial losses and the costs incurred because of sickness or injury. In current scenario of high medical inflation rates, being reluctant to hold adequate amount of health insurance cover can be a major hit on your personal finance. Moreover, the premium paid towards medical insurance for self, spouse, children or parents qualifies for deduction under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Why is it
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At times, you end up purchasing a health insurance policy that costs you less, but lacks in comprehensive coverage. Or, you choose to pay high premium today, and realize later that you could have bought a different policy because you never required add-on benefits in your policy. That’s where the importance of medical insurance policies comparison comes in. When you compare medical policies before making a purchase, you rest assured to choose the right one at the right budget. It’s a great way of getting a better deal under a budget. And that’s what a good deal is!

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Zipcover is one of the leading health insurance comparison sites in India, focused on showing its prospective customers top insurance products as well as prices. Partnered with India’s leading insurance companies, we help you compare hundreds of health insurance plans in India either for individuals or family. We are authorized and regulated by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA) and are growing on a high pace as a top health insurance comparison site. We assist by:

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At Zipcover, we believe that a sudden hospitalization or any type of disease can make you run out of finances. You are left with no choice other than dipping into your savings. To pull you out from such a situation, we help you obtain comprehensive health insurance and tide over medical expenses. Whenever you choose Zipcover, you are at a one-stop platform wherein you can avail the benefits of comparing the widest choice of medical insurance plans in India, such as:

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